How to Hook Windmills to a Grid at Home?

Answer Once a windmill or a wind turbine power generator has been erected and is working properly, it needs to be connected to the electric box at your residence so that it can contribute energy to your h... Read More »

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Windmills As a Source of Electricity for the Home?

Many people have begun to look into alternate home energy sources to both help the environment and to save money. Solar energy is one popular example. Another example is windmills, or wind generato... Read More »

Is a propane fueled fuel cell capable of replacing grid power for home use commercially available?

There are a couple of vendors with home units available. Honda is one of them. They are very pricey and the electricity they generate may not be cheaper than the grid yet.

Can I hook a PC to a home stereo?

On One Hand: Use the Proper Cable and SettingsA home stereo can be hooked up to a personal computer with the proper cable. According to, all this setup requires is a shielded Y-adapter ... Read More »

How to Hook Up a Car Amplifier in a Home?

Hooking up a car amplifier in your home may seem like an odd idea at first, but if you have one available, there's no reason you shouldn't take advantage of the powerful output in a home audio envi... Read More »