How to Hook Up iTunes With Facebook?

Answer You can tie Apple's Ping, an iTunes-based social network focused on music, to your Facebook account. This allows you to search through your Facebook friends to find Ping users and to share your Pin... Read More »

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Can you hook up your iPod to your ipad2 and buy music from iTunes?

probably some how i cant see a lead on the market that will allow u to maybe by wifi

Is there a way to hook up my itunes library on on my lap top without wiping put my ipod?

I think you are in the same situation I was in. When I got a laptop I had to get a new iTunes and I wanted to connect my iPod to that library, but still keep the songs from the iTunes from another ... Read More »

Is there a way to use my account on itunes to buy some credits on facebook?

No there two diffrent companies. You can buy facebook credits at walmart though go to their eletronic section should be there. I hope this helped.

What apps on iTunes can let you see videos from Facebook on your iPhone 3G?