How to Hook Up an LED Flasher Box?

Answer Flashing LED lights can have a variety of uses with an automobile, from providing warning flashers to giving your car a futuristic look by adorning it with a strip of LED lights. The controller for... Read More »

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Hughes cable box from directv and you used the DVD hook ups to wach tv how do you hook up a Philips universal remot to it?

They should be the same, but the times differ per time zone.

Is a front hook or back hook better on a longline bra?

On One Hand: Front hook bras are more for posture correction.Front hook bras are easier to put on and take off. For someone with arthritis or any other condition where she cannot reach her back to ... Read More »

10 points!!! I need help, I have an old television that I can't hook up a dvd player to, I have to hook?

dvd>vcr line invcr>to tv antenna in (round coax cable-like what delivers cable tv to the house)view on ch 3 or 4 on tv-switch on back of most vcr'splug cable/sat into vcr antenna in

Where is the flasher on a'99 Grand Am?

On a 1999 Pontiac Grand Am, the hazard flasher and the turn signal flasher are both integrated into the dashboard as a hazard warning switch. This entire unit is called a Hazard Warning Module.Refe... Read More »