How to Hook Up a Tractor Protection Valve?

Answer In a tractor-semitrailer, the lines that provide the compressed air to the air brake system run through the entire vehicle combination. A leak in the trailer part of the air system could prevent th... Read More »

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Can I use a saddle valve to hook up a dishwasher water supply line?

No. Saddle valves only allow a small amount of water, like for ice makers or humidifiers. You need a direct main connection.

Tractor problem!! there is a old 3 wheel tractor on my farm from the coventry victor motor company?

It could be a 'Newman' - some of those had a Coventry Victor engine.See the link below, the second one in the list / photos, model Newman AN3.Edit - more pictures added, a large version of the firs... Read More »

What is the difference between a sillcock valve a boiler valve and a hose bibb valve?

Hughes cable box from directv and you used the DVD hook ups to wach tv how do you hook up a Philips universal remot to it?

They should be the same, but the times differ per time zone.