How to Hook Up a Tape Recorder to a Telephone?

Answer When you need to document an important telephone conversation, recording calls on a landline phone will produce the best sound quality. Cell phone recording technology is starting to catch up, but ... Read More »

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Is there a tape recorder or?

I'd buy a basic stethoscope and attach the tubing to a small microphone. Take pictures while making the recording. If your camera can record movies with sound, just tape the end of the tubing in pl... Read More »

Can a VHS and a DVD recorder still tape TV?

Yes, DVD recorders and VHS recorders can still tape TV. DVD recorders can record clear and crisp images. VHS tape recorders can also record television programs, but the images do not produce the ... Read More »

Can a dvd recorder copy a vhs tape?

Yes. DVD recorders can copy VHS tapes in real time, according to Ask Leo. You only need to hook up a VHS player to the DVD recorder, and play the tape after pressing record on the DVD unit.Source:A... Read More »

How can i hook my vcr and dvd recorder up ?

you can get a splitter or an A-B switch and you can buy one at home depot or lowes or 5 bucksshope this helppsssss