How to Hook Up a Relay on a Switch?

Answer Automakers have downsized the wiring in modern cars so much that any added draw may cause the wires to overheat. Using a relay to control the current is a good idea when an additional electrical d... Read More »

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How to Hook Up a Dixie Horn Relay?

Your car's horn is technically supposed to be used to get the attention of other drivers in an emergency situation. However, many people use their horn just to get the attention of someone to say "... Read More »

How to Hook Up a Dodge Starter Relay?

The starter and solenoid on your Dodge work along with your vehicle's battery and ignition to start your engine when you turn the key. The starter is a component that literally turns your engine ov... Read More »

How to Hook Up Electric Air Horns With a Relay?

Many electronic devices require special wiring techniques. Understanding the concept of wire size and amperage is helpful but not necessary for wiring equipment that is too powerful to wire directl... Read More »

What is a Car Relay Switch?

There are many electrical currents flowing throughout your car, and many of them must be regulated so they electrical parts will not malfunction. The parts that regulate the current are called rel... Read More »