How to Hook Up a Monitor With a Built-In TV Tuner?

Answer Some monitors have built-in TV tuners that let you use the device as if it were a traditional television. This feature saves space in small rooms like dorms and offices, especially if you have a la... Read More »

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Just bought a 32inch computer monitor (no built in tuner)..?

A monitor with no tuner cannot decode the signal on its own...You will need to get a standalone tuner to get a video signal you can use.Or, in some cases, get a decoder card for your PC and use you... Read More »

What is a built-in atsc tuner?

Television technology has made startling advances within the last decade. Broadcast television signals have made the switch from analog to digital, affecting how our sets receive and process the s... Read More »

If i use a converter box on top of a lcd tv with a built in tuner, will that help me get better dtv reception?

Maybe. If you have problems with picture & sound breakup and your TV is more than a couple of years old (or cheap to begin with), then there is a good chance that one of the better converter boxes ... Read More »

What is a built-in ntsc atsc qam digital tuner?

AnswerAn NTSC/ATSC/QAM digital tuner, in the case of a TV, means that the TV supports the NTSC, ATSC, and QAM broadcast standards with its included tuner. NTSC is the old analog over-the-air (OTA) ... Read More »