How to Hook Up a Dixie Horn Relay?

Answer Your car's horn is technically supposed to be used to get the attention of other drivers in an emergency situation. However, many people use their horn just to get the attention of someone to say "... Read More »

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How to Mount a Dixie Horn?

Installing a Dixie horn, popularized by television and in the movies, is not unlike installing any specialty horn. There are several potential problem areas to avoid, but overall the installation i... Read More »

What Is a Horn Relay?

When you press the horn button on your car or truck, you operate a relay that makes contacts to connect the horn to voltage from battery. Low current through the button controls higher current thro... Read More »

How to Wire a Horn Relay?

In the continuing effort to improve gas mileage auto makers have found inventive ways to reduce vehicle weight. Using new alloys, plastics and thinner materials is standard practice in newer cars.... Read More »

How to Wire a Car Horn Relay?

A car horn relay is nothing more than a "remote light switch" from an electrical standpoint. The relay is normally open with power from the battery to the relay and from the relay to the horn. The ... Read More »