How to Hook Up a DVD Recorder Without an External Box, Such As a Cable Box?

Answer A DVD recorder allows you to save digital video directly from your television's on-screen content. You can route your cable box or other external box through the DVD recorder to secure the best qua... Read More »

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How do you hook up a dvr recorder to a hdtv cable box?

HD cable box --> DVD recorder -> TV Your recording will be not HD, but regular SD of course. Also, with this method, you will also get SD picture on your television. Alternative to that is to hoo... Read More »

How to transfer files from my voice recorder to my pc without a usb cable?

yes it is true but the "LINE IN" jack Would be the best if your sound card has that input. So basically get that double sided cable open windows recorder for a lack of a better software and press r... Read More »

How to Hook Up an External Hard Drive to a TV Without a Computer?

Sometimes you may want to display images, video files or music stored on an external hard drive. But instead of gathering a large group around a PC, it makes more sense to connect the external hard... Read More »

How to Hook Up a DVD/VCR Without a Coaxial Input to a Cable TV & DV/TV Converter Box?

A DVD/VCR combo unit connects to other components with a three-plug composite audio-video cable. Newer combo units may not be equipped with a coaxial input, so the composite cable is the essential ... Read More »