How to Hook Up a Bazooka Bass Tube?

Answer A Bazooka Bass Tube is a subwoofer for your car stereo system that can greatly enhance the volume and sound quality of the bass notes in music. The bass tubes made by Bazooka are available in two m... Read More »

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How to Hook Up a Bazooka Tube?

The Bazooka bass tube is a subwoofer that can increase the volume and sound quality of a car's audio system. As with any piece of audio equipment, it's important to take the time to install the Baz... Read More »

How To Wire a Bazooka Bass Tube to a Stock Jetta Radio?

Adding a subwoofer to your car stereo system will provide greater balance to your music with the additional bass. Jetta owners can add a subwoofer with an aftermarket amplifier or install a powered... Read More »

What is a Bazooka tube?

A Bazooka tube is a subwoofer for a car audio system that greatly enhances the volume and sound quality of bass notes. Two types of tubes exist: the passive, which requires hooking up to a power so... Read More »

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