How to Hook Up Your TV Audio to Your Surround Sound Audio?

Answer Connecting your TV audio to your surround sound system can be done either with analog or digital cables, depending on your equipment. All TV audio originates form a source signal, whether it is ant... Read More »

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How to Hook Up Playstation 3 Audio With No Optical Cable for Surround Sound?

If you can't use an optical audio cable to connect your Sony PlayStation 3 to your television set or home theater, you still have two additional audio output options that will allow you to transfer... Read More »

How do I Hook Up Sony Digital Audio Surround Sound to a TV & Cable Box?

Sony digital surround sound systems are used in conjunction with televisions, cable receivers and other audio/video devices. With the aid of a digital optical audio cable, it is possible to send th... Read More »

If you use a digital optical audio cable do you need to use the standard audio cord as well For surround sound?

Digital optical audio cable can carry data to decoder-enabled devices in a few formats; Dolby DTS is one of many such formats. Some of these can carry surround sound. Besides, optical is digital, ... Read More »

Hook up a Bluray player with only HDMI output, to play audio through Surround Sound connected via component?

Component (green, red, blue RCA cables) is video only. So from what you've described, you haven't sent any audio to your sound system. Some dvd/surround systems (especially the cheaper ones) are pl... Read More »