How to Hook Up Video Games to a TV Without Cables?

Answer Video game systems can be connected to the television without cables by using a wireless audio and video distribution system. Converters are also available that transmit signals from a computer or ... Read More »

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How to Use S-Video in Windows Media Center Without IR Cables?

Windows Media Center is a software package loaded on some computers with a Microsoft operating system. Media Center makes it possible to watch broadcast or Internet TV programs, as well as movies o... Read More »

How can I record video games to my mac without using a video camera?

If the game you are playing is on your Mac, then you need a screen capture utility...Some do single screen shots - which you do not want. Others end up capturing QuickTime movies of the screen - wh... Read More »

Are "component video" cables the same thing as "RCA cables"?

1) component like the it's name says sends each component (red, green blue) of the image on different cables.composite, like it's name says, sends a composite of all the information one cableyou di... Read More »

Which is better for High Def output using S Video cables that are provided or buying more expensive monster cables?

Truth is, unless you're a really video savvy individual, chances are that you'd not see much of a difference. Monster brand cables specialize in oxygen free cable manufacturing techniques for thei... Read More »