How to Hook Up Television, Cable, DVD & Stereo Systems?

Answer Once you have chosen a location for your home entertainment system, properly installing the devices is imperative to obtain peak performance from the units. Anything from poor arrangement to incorr... Read More »

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How to Hook Up RCA Stereo Speakers to a Sony Television?

Connecting a Sony television to a set of RCA stereo speakers is possible using the built-in headphone output present on most televisions. By connecting red and black RCA plugs to the appropriate po... Read More »

How do i hook up a stereo to time warner digital cable?

One of the features of Time Warner Cable's digital cable TV service is the ability to have Dolby Digital surround sound audio with certain channels and programs. To access this, first determine whi... Read More »

How to Hook Up Cable TV to an Old Television Set?

Old TV sets used VHF connectors with metal screws to attach an antenna for capturing broadcast television. When this technology was in vogue, digital, optical and even coaxial TV cables were the st... Read More »

What is the cable that allows you to connect multiple game systems to your Television called?

You probably do not want to use "Y adapters" as these will allow noise into the video signal. You want to use a AV selector. NOTE: always use high quality interconnects!If you are using DVI HDMI or... Read More »