How to Hook Up Stereo Speakers to a TV?

Answer Television speakers are designed to accommodate programming audio and hardware connected to the set, such as a DVD player. However, the output quality is often sub-par and lacking both accurate tre... Read More »

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How to Hook Up an RCA Converter to Stereo Speakers?

Several different types of RCA converters are available. The type you need depends on to what device you need to connect your stereo speakers. If you are connecting a radio or player that uses a st... Read More »

How to Hook Up RCA Stereo Speakers to a Sony Television?

Connecting a Sony television to a set of RCA stereo speakers is possible using the built-in headphone output present on most televisions. By connecting red and black RCA plugs to the appropriate po... Read More »

What wiring do I need to connect my stereo receiver to my TV that will allow the stereo speakers work with TV?

You need a L and R audio RCA cables and a VIDEO cable. Just connect these cables between your TV and your stereo receiver and you should have high-fidelity for your audio/video system.Happy listen... Read More »

The Difference in Stereo Speakers & Guitar Amp Speakers?

As guitarists continue to seek more representative sound from their gear, knowing the differences between guitar amp speakers and stereo speakers is becoming more important for audiophiles as well ... Read More »