How to Hook Up My Stereo to My RCA 37-Inch Flatscreen?

Answer An RCA 37-inch flat screen TV is equipped with a pair of standard RCA-type audio output jacks to connect a stereo. The setup requires a standard stereo cable with two 1/4-inch plugs on each end to ... Read More »

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I want to get a 36 inch (wide) flatscreen tv... about how much would it cost for a nice one?

i don't know if you're willing to sacrifice 4 inches or not but heres a good deal i saw in hhgreggs weekly ad…

What do i need in order to hook up a PC sound system to my flatscreen tv?

Your HDTV is a 5.1 device.Your computer speakers are 2.1.See the problem? You need something that will decode the optical from the HDTV as 5.1, then "cripple" the sound by down-converting it to 2.... Read More »

How do you hook your dish network to a westinghouse 32in flatscreen tv?

The cable going from your receiver to your old TV, just remove it and connect to your new TV. Depending on the type cable you have to your receiver, if a coax you will put your TV on channel 3 or 4... Read More »

You get no signal and a blue screen on your tv when you hook up your magnavox nb500mg1f via hdmi to your vizio 42 flatscreen they are both brand new components can someone explain why?