How to Hook Up Monitors in a Series?

Answer Having more than one monitor hooked up to your computer can extend your desktop and give you much more room to work on multiple projects at one time. This is a great feature for gamers who want to ... Read More »

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How do I hook up two monitors to my PC?

Look on the back of your computer. If you see two monitor connections, then your computer can support two monitors without any additional hardware video adapters. Purchase another monitor and a vi... Read More »

Is it possible to have two monitors hook up to one computer?

Yes you can. Some video cards have dual input plugs, allowing you to have two monitors. Alternatively, you can simply install a second video card.With two monitors, you can either have a wider desk... Read More »

How to Hook Up Multiple Monitors to One Computer?

Being able to connect two monitors to one computer accomplishes a few goals for the computer user. The user can clone what they are seeing on one screen to another screen. This is good for a situat... Read More »

How do I hook up my Dell XPS 8500 up to two monitors?

On my Windows 7 → XPS 8500 click StartBottom of Start Menu type in "two monitors"• Search Results → Set up computer to use multiple monitors• Plug in both monitors (1)DVI & (1)HDMI• Click... Read More »