How to Hook Up Hydraulic Hoses?

Answer Simply put, hydraulics is a method of producing power through the movement of liquid. When a liquid is confined in a system, the force of the movement of the liquid can transmit power, multiply for... Read More »

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When to Replace Hydraulic Hoses?

Hydraulic hoses are the most flexible part of a hydraulic system (or circuit), but also the weakest. Pumps, fittings and hydraulically actuated machines (pistons, motors, rollers, etc.) are constru... Read More »

How to Make Hydraulic Hoses With a Press?

Making your own hydraulic hoses will save you money because you will do the work yourself and your machines won't be idle while you wait for a shop to make a hose. If you make more than 20 hoses a ... Read More »

How to Replace Front Hydraulic Brake Hoses?

Brakes work under hydraulic pressure applied at the brake pedal. Fluid is pushed through steel brake lines that are routed to each wheel. The flexible brake hoses that connect the hard steel brake ... Read More »

How to Hook Up Heater Hoses on Early Engines?

The thermostat housed in an engine cooling system blocks the engine cooling system from circulating until the engine reaches a predetermined temperature. Then, the thermostat opens and allows the h... Read More »