How to Hook Three Subwoofers Up to a Channel Amp?

Answer Wiring multiple subwoofers is a great way to add bass to a car audio system. Because the speaker's cone area is cumulative, the easiest way to double your bass output is to add a second subwoofer t... Read More »

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How to Hook Up Car Subwoofers Without an Amplifier?

Subwoofers offer the best way to add bass to your vehicle's stereo system. The larger speaker area is better equipped to deliver lower tones than the panel speakers commonly included in a stock ste... Read More »

How to Hook up Four Kicker Subwoofers to an Amp?

Installing four Kicker subwoofers to an amplifier can be a tricky proposition. Most amplifiers are designed to hole one or two subwoofers rather than four. However, a higher-end amplifier can pow... Read More »

How to Hook up an Amplifier and Subwoofers in a 2008 Ford Focus?

The 2008 Ford Focus is a four-door sedan with a four- or six-cylinder engine, depending on the model. The process for installing and connecting an amplifier and subwoofers is the same for both mod... Read More »

Can I wire (8) 12'' dvc 4 ohm subwoofers to a 1 channel 1 ohm stable amp If so, how?

Sure. Put the voice coils of each driver in series. That's 8 ohms. Then parallel all eight. That's 1 ohm.