How to Hone a Cylinder When Replacing Piston Rings?

Answer Cylinder honing refreshes the inside surface of a cylinder after it has been taken apart in an engine rebuild, especially when a new piston and piston rings will be used. The honing process is not ... Read More »

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How Do Piston Rings Rotate in the Cylinder Bore?

Piston rings refer to circular, springy metal seals that fit into grooves set in the pistons of an internal combustion engine. Piston rings rotate in the cylinder bore, the internal diameter of the... Read More »

How to Hone a Cylinder?

Honing a cylinder sounds complicated at first, leading many people to take their engine blocks to professionals for a simple hone. In reality, honing is basically just polishing metal, and it is so... Read More »

How to Use a Sunnen Cylinder Hone?

The Sunnen Cylinder Hone is a machine that enlarges or refinishes the cylinders of a car or truck engine. With a three-horsepower spindle motor, the hone quickly files the interior of the cylinder.... Read More »

How to Hone a Moped Cylinder?

In single-piston moped engines, a rusty or corroded cylinder can create a disastrous ride for your moped. Not only will it severely affect performance, but it will also start to damage the piston h... Read More »