How to Hold an Open House?

Answer As a REALTOR® or real estate salesperson, you get your feet wet in the business by holding houses open. You show up, you host it, and you get buyers.Here is how to actually SELL the house you hold... Read More »

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How to Hold a Door Open with a Coin?

Doors that shut on their own are designed that way for a reason: to prevent the spread of fire and smoke in a building.[1] Sometimes you need to hold the door open temporarily, though, such as if y... Read More »

Can you put super glue on an open cut to hold skin together?

I can't remember what they are called but get those strip bandages that are for cuts like that. Maybe someone will know what I am talking about and finish up this response. Sorry about that cut. Ouch!

The Props on My Truck Cap Won't Hold the Window Open?

Ever try to lift a hatchback or trunk lid without a support prop? They're surprisingly heavy -- it would be a feat to hoist one while clutching an armload of groceries, for instance. Props on a tru... Read More »

How to Hold Open a Mouth to Bleach Teeth?

Over-the-counter teeth-bleaching kits have put a dazzling Hollywood smile within reach for anyone, not just the rich and famous. The whitening agents found in these kits are almost as effective as ... Read More »