How to Highlight hair with a comb?

Answer Looking for a simple yet subtle way to change your look? Highligting you hair is just the way to add a touch of sparkle to you hair. Think about what a highight is first. If you were to highlight e... Read More »

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How to Highlight Hair With a Brush or Comb?

Highlighting your hair can give you a vibrant look, create dimension and make your hair look fuller. Highlights can be applied at home, saving you a hefty salon bill. It is important to choose the ... Read More »

How to Hot Comb Hair?

A hot comb is a very thin metal picked comb with a heat resistant handle. The forks of the comb are heated up to be brushed through the hair. The heat straightens the hair while the comb is able to... Read More »

How to Comb Wet Hair?

According to the website Hair Finder, a person's hair is the most fragile when it is wet. Using a hairbrush can pull on the individual hairs, stretch them and even yank some of them out. It is bett... Read More »

How to Find the Right Comb for Your Hair?

There are many combs to choose from, and there are many kinds of hair. This article is to help you decide which comb is best for your hair. Using the wrong comb for your hair can cause long term da... Read More »