How to Hide the URL When Posting a Picture on FB?

Answer Facebook is a well-known social networking portal on the Web. Users can search their own updates as well as photos, videos and content they think is interesting. One of the features Facebook offers... Read More »

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What does GPOY mean if you're not actually posting a picture of yourself?

It means that the picture represents the mood you are in or the characteristics of how you act in the picture.

Will posting a picture be safe on Internet?

Everything you post on internet (including pictures) is subject to misuse. However, I don't see any problem if you keep a decent picture in yahoo answer. Even if someone clicks your picture, it wil... Read More »

What are the dangers of posting your picture on the internet?

Well, there are many pedophiles and creeps out there on the internet. They could see a picture of you, stalk you on Y/A, to learn a bit about you. You can be surprised at how much info they can fin... Read More »

Does posting this picture make me seem like a whore?

no, but it makes you look desperate, so i wouldn't do it :)i say this in the best way