How to Hide the Notification Bar on Your Motorola Droid?

Answer The Android mobile operating system uses a notification bar that you can expand to show alerts and push notifications. If you're done looking at your notifications and want to get back to using you... Read More »

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How can you hide lock the notification of text message in notification bar in android?

When you have your ipod hooked up to the computer, click on it, then click on pictures. It will want to know what folder to use and every time you sync it, any photos in that folder will be synchro... Read More »

How do you fix Droid Incredible low on space notification?

So a few weeks ago I noticed the low on space notification on my android phone. I soon realized that this was causing my phone to become more and more useless. I couldn't update or download apps or... Read More »

How to Root a Motorola Droid?

This is just like Jailbreaking an iPhone, but it is for the Motorola Droid, This article was written for Android 2.0.1

On off button on a Motorola droid?

The lock button on the top is also a button for other options. Hold the button down for a few seconds and then there will be a few options: to enable airplane mode (in which all signals are disable... Read More »