How to Hide a WordPress Blog From the Public?

Answer WordPress is a popular blogging platform that you can install on your website and use to blog to the world. There may be times when you want to hide your blog from the public for repairs or for per... Read More »

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How do I move my blog from Persianblog to Wordpress ?

I would disagree with the previous person that persianblog is better. With wordpress you have complete control of your data. But this comes with consequences. It's up to you to setup you website co... Read More »

How to Move a WordPress Blog from Yahoo!?

Yahoo! shut down the Yahoo 360! Web site in 2009. Before the site shut down, you would have had the opportunity to export your blog to a zip file on your computer. If you want to upload the zip fil... Read More »

How to Secure a WordPress Blog From a Trojan Infection?

Wordpress blogs use an open-source, popular code that makes it a target for hackers who seek to gain entry into your blogs for their own purposes. If you do not take steps to secure your Wordpress ... Read More »

How to Remove a WordPress Development Blog From the Dashboard?

Though the WordPress back-end administrative dashboard is fully customizable, its layout includes a few default settings that display information about your blog, as well as general WordPress news ... Read More »