How to Hide a Shoulder Tattoo?

Answer In 2003, "Esquire Magazine" reported that one out of eight Americans have tattoos. With tattoos becoming more common, it is normal to see people out and about with exposed body art. There are still... Read More »

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I want to get a tattoo but i am a lawyer...i want it on my you think this would be appropriate.?

Just as long as it isn't visable, shouldn't be a problem at all.

How to Design a Shoulder Tattoo?

A tattoo design needs to be researched before deciding to visit a professional tattoo artist. Take the time to prepare your design prior to getting a tattoo and you will be assured a more positive ... Read More »

Shoulder Tattoo Designs for Women?

Tattoos are often more than just a permanent body decoration: they can be used to represent significant aspects of a person's life and frequently become part of an individual's identity. When selec... Read More »

Shoulder tattoo or rib tattoo?

@Cantkeepmy9str8 - who're you to judge what sort of tattoo she wants?! If it has meaning to you then go for it, people with opinions like that aren't worth listening to! I personally think your ide... Read More »