How to Hide a Hickey on a Girl?

Answer When you see a hickey on your neck, it's natural to want to panic. These love bites are evidence of a private moment and it's understandable that you don't want it made public, especially to your p... Read More »

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How to hide a hickey!?

Get the cap of a lipstick and put it on the hickey. Twist it around until it hurts pretty much. Keep doing that over and over for a few minutes. It gets the blood circulating again. I've done this ... Read More »

How to Hide a Hickey?

Even though your sweetie lovingly gave you that hickey, you may dread the idea of other people spying the large blemish on your neck. A hickey is really just a bruise that results from broken blood... Read More »

How to Hide Your Feelings from a Girl You Like?

Boy in LoveDo you want to hide your feelings from the girl you love?Follow the steps given below to handle your feelings with care and privacy.

How can you hide bad breath from a girl that you are interested in?

AnswerIf the problem is chronic, you might just need a dental cleaning, and a dental checkup to see if you have gum problems, or excessive tartar.If it's a one time problem, you might just take car... Read More »