How to Hide Waypoint Names on a Garmin 6.16.2?

Answer Route waypoints are essential to navigation. They're the virtual counterparts to real world landmarks. But when your map's routes are cluttered with lengthy waypoint names, it can be hard to visual... Read More »

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Can you modify a Garmin c330 to speak street names?

The Garmin StreetPilot c330 cannot be modified to speak street names out loud, nor does it come with this feature. The only voice prompts included with this particular GPS exclude street names, ins... Read More »

How to Hide Website Names?

Websites on the Internet are viewed by using your Web browser. Your Web browser allows you to search online, view websites, watch videos, log in to your favorite social networking site and particip... Read More »

Is the Garmin 340 better than the Garmin 350 with Mp3 player?

Does the Garmin GPS 18 work with non-Garmin software?

The Garmin GPS 18 is available in both PC and USB versions. The USB-compatible version 2.90 or later has the ability to run mapping software not proprietary to Garmin. Using Garmin's Spanner softwa... Read More »