How to Hide TV Wires Above a Fireplace?

Answer Having a sleek flat-screen TV in the living or family room is ideal, and placing it over the fireplace makes for a stylish way to utilize one single wall for both entertainment purposes and comfort... Read More »

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How Can I Hide Tv Wires?

i know you said its a solid concrete wall but just chip a bit out the width of the cables and with slightly more depth and then use ...urm ....that polyplaster stuff to go over it and then repaint ... Read More »

How to Hide Amp Wires in a Car?

Once you have finished wiring your amp to your car, you need to conceal the wires running from the amp to the stereo and the power source. The plastic paneling along the lower edge of the door fram... Read More »

How to Hide Speaker Wires?

Audio speakers are used in a number of different applications in the home. Stereo sound equipment makes use of at least 2 speakers, while home theater setups may utilize 7 or more speakers placed t... Read More »

The Best Way to Hide Speaker Wires?

The goal when hooking up music or home theater systems is to connect speakers with wires that are unseen and cannot be tripped over. While the best way to hide wires might depend on personal prefer... Read More »