How to Hide Pimples With Makeup?

Answer Blemishes happen to everyone, but a standard pimple can turn into a nasty red spot on your face, either through its natural evolution or due to being picked at. It's best not to pop a zit, but if y... Read More »

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How to Cover Up Pimples With Makeup & Not Look Cakey?

If you have skin problems, you aren't alone. Acne is an embarrassing yet common problem faced by many people. Instead of feeling embarrassed and depressed about your pimples, cover them up with mak... Read More »

How to Hide a Big Nose with Makeup?

Thousands of women undergo rhinoplasty (nose job surgery) every year to change a big or oddly shaped nose. Too bad they don't know about simple makeup tricks that can make a nose look smaller. Ju... Read More »

How to Hide a Stye With Makeup?

A stye is a bacterially infected and inflamed eyelash follicle that can be unattractive and inconvenient. However, it is often harmless. If left alone, a stye should clear in just a few days. In th... Read More »

How to Hide Puffiness With Makeup?

Puffiness around the eyes is often caused by allergies, lack of sleep and fluid retention. Puffiness can also be a result of genetics and can begin to appear with age. Whatever the reason is for th... Read More »