How to Hide Monroe Piercings?

Answer Facial piercings are an aesthetic trend that doesn't appear to be slowing down in the United States, says a study done by the Section of Dermatology at the University of Chicago. This study found t... Read More »

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How to Minimize Scarring With Monroe Piercings?

Body piercings are used to decorate all parts of the body. A Monroe piercing, or a beauty mark piercing, is a piercing on the upper lip. Because piercings are invasive -- a needle is used to create... Read More »

How to Hide Lip Piercings?

This article will tell you how to hide and normal 16g-14g lip piercing.

How to Hide Belly Button Piercings in Cheerleading?

Cheerleaders with navel piercings may find that their coach or captain forbids wearing body jewelry while cheering. If your navel piercing is not yet healed, you should wear a small skin-colored ba... Read More »

Is it possible to hide snake bites (lip piercings) from parents?

I have snakebites. This means that I have two piercings on opposite ends of my lower lip.I went to a french catholic high school, and had to cover them up in order to not get suspended. I bought cl... Read More »