How to Hide Crack in a Windshield?

Answer A cracked windshield may cause glares that can adversely affect your driving. Windshield cracks not only make your vehicle look bad, but they can spread and lead to larger cracks and eventually com... Read More »

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How to Hide a Crack in a Windshield for Cheap?

A crack in your windshield can spread quickly so it's critical to repair it as soon as you notice it. The crack can occur due to any number of reasons, such as rocks and sticks blown up from the ro... Read More »

How to Get Rid of a Crack on a Windshield?

Dealing with cracks and chips to your car windshield is crucial to ensure the safety of yourself and others traveling in your car. Cracks are often caused by rocks, pebbles and other debris on the ... Read More »

How to hide an pod screen crack/scratch ?

unfortunately, there is no way to hide the up ipod housing on your business directory and you can usually get the screen replaced at a reasonable price.

How Big a Windshield Crack Can Be Fixed?

You notice a 6-inch crack in the windshield of your car. A windshield replacement is not possible on your present budget. Can the damaged windshield be repaired?