How to Hide Cables With a Wall Mount?

Answer Hiding cables when wall mounting a flat screen is part and parcel of a clean installation. Tucking the wires behind the wall's surface can prove to be challenging, but the process has been complet... Read More »

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How do i wall mount a TV without cables showing?

cut a hole in the wall, and drop the cables

Whats the best route to hide tv cables in wall?

Dropping romex to a cut-in-box, or fishing down to a duplex receptacle below is easy and cheap. You need to keep your audio/ video cables away from your 120v. line. Maintain 6" min. All you need is... Read More »

What do you use to hide the cables when you hang a TV on the wall?

Cable covers are an easy and affordable way to manage the numerous cables that comprise a modern home entertainment system. They also ensure that your high-definition television remains the primary... Read More »

Is $500 for a 2yr old 42 Hi Def with wall mount a good deal?

No. Many changes has been done in the past two years. You also did not mention the brand of the tv. Go online to Home Theater Magazine and read the reviews on tvs, along with the pro and con of eac... Read More »