How to Hide All of the Open DIVs in JavaScript?

Answer Hiding an element, such as a div, from an HTML page can be used to give your website a more dynamic feel. For example, on a blog, you might want visitors to be able to click on a button to hide the... Read More »

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How to Use DIVs & Javascript for SEO Purposes?

Although frowned upon by major search engines, you can use a DIV tag to hide content on a web page. However, code can be placed on the page that will display the content. This requires an action by... Read More »

How to Toggle Divs With Javascript?

Web pages--which began as a simple way to transfer scientific papers to other people around the world--have blossomed into rich applications built for the Internet and Web browsers. One of the basi... Read More »

How do I hide an address bar in JavaScript?

Open your web-development application and create a new document. Design the web page to your specifications and then add the following link: Hide Address BarThis link pops up a web page that has no... Read More »

How to Hide by Class in JavaScript?

JavaScript is a programming language used to allowed websites to interact with the user. It allows pages to display pop-ups, asynchronously send requests to the server and create drop-down menus, t... Read More »