How to Help the Rain Forest?

Answer Rainforests are disappearing very quickly due to trees being cut down for paper and other materials. This can cause a big problem because rainforests are needed for oxygen and for clean air. In ord... Read More »

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Rain Forest Art Projects?

The rain forest is one of the most colorful and vibrant places on Earth, and it can also be a great topic to allow art students to express themselves in a creative way. There are many different art... Read More »

How to Save the Rain Forest?

Saving the rain forest requires the care and cooperation of everyone on the planet. According to, rainforests are home to almost 50 percent of our planet's plants and animals, and prov... Read More »

What do people do in the rain forest?

For lovers of the great outdoors and concerned environmentalists, experiencing the rain forest first-hand is an essential experience. Whether you prefer to explore by foot or by water, a voyage int... Read More »

Levels in the Rain Forest?

Rainforests are one of the most important parts of the earth's surface as a huge percentage of all biotic species are indigenous to it and on top of that one quarter of all natural medicines have b... Read More »