How to Help the Homeless?

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How to Look Like a Homeless Bum?

People may want to look homeless for a number of reasons. But in all seriousness being homeless is not a good thing.

How do homeless get their money?

Usually by begging on the street. They can usually stay in homeless shelters. I read somewhere that some people can earn around $30,000 a year just by asking for money on the street. I don't have a... Read More »

How to Avoid Becoming Homeless?

The housing crunch and other economic problems are forcing many people out of their homes. Here are some ideas that might help you avoid being one of them.

How to Help Feed the Homeless?

It's tomato/peanut butter; have all you want!So you are interested in helping to make sure your fellow man is still eating? Helping to Add Something to Humanity in lean times, when many can become ... Read More »