How to Help a Two-Week-Old Baby With a Cold?

Answer Young babies are especially susceptible to colds and other illnesses because their immune systems are immature. Watching your baby struggle with simple cold symptoms like a runny nose, a light feve... Read More »

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Fever lasting for over a week and no cold symptoms Please help!?

maybe it's still the beginning of an cold or flu, so you might try an old home remedy against an cold. If I have these problems it works always perfect for me.Get an hot bath with all ingredients i... Read More »

Where can you find help babysitting a seven-week-old baby?

Answer Please do an internet search on how to care properly for a baby that age. How is it you have come into the care of a 7 week old baby unaware of how to care for it in the first place? Answer... Read More »

Winter storm/flood warning, 6 week old baby, please help!?

I know that a storm can be really scary but I truly wouldn't worry too much.....Just make it fun the way you usually do with your older child and the baby is apt to sleep through most of it. As lo... Read More »

What it means with 'cold rice and cold tea are bearable but cold words and cold face are not?

Methadone is simply a narcotic anlegesic, or in other words it is a pain killer that is similar to morphine, oxycodone, codeine ect... It is a very effective pain killer because it has a very long ... Read More »