How to Help a Third Grade Student Read Fluently?

Answer Third grade students who find reading to be a chore may struggle in other areas of academics as well. As a student improves his reading skills, he may find other subjects such as history and scienc... Read More »

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How to Be a Successful 5th Grade Student?

5th grade is an important grade. It means the last year of elementary school, which means passing to middle school (or your second to last year, depending on your school district). Remember, it's y... Read More »

How to Be a Great Student in 5th Grade?

Ahhh...5th grade. That's the year teachers expect just a little more effort out of you. But truth is, they're just preparing you for 6th grade. But you still have one question: "How do I get to be ... Read More »

How to Accommodate Student Differences in First Grade?

Students in first grade are at the beginning of their school life. They are still finding out how they learn best, trying new things and having new experiences. They will be at different stages in ... Read More »

First Grade Student Editing Checklist?

First grade students are learning to compose sentences to form stories. The first grade teacher can devise a writing or editing checklist to correct students' writing projects, and make sure they c... Read More »