How to Help a Rebellious Teenage Daughter?

Answer Not all teenage rebellion is a bad thing says Joanne Stern, a Ph.D. and writer for the magazine "Psychology Today." A bit of defiance is actually a good thing. It proves your teenage daughter is gr... Read More »

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How to Help Your Teenage Daughter Manage Stress?

Probably not the best methodIt's hard to see your teenage daughter being stressed. Still can't speak up with her about her problems? Well, girls at this age are a bit sensitive. All you have to do ... Read More »

How to Help a Teenage Daughter Deal With Emotional Issues?

A teenagers "emotional issues" can stem from what nail colour suits her or to the boy that just broke her heart. The trivia that you may feel so far removed from is just what will have occurred to ... Read More »

How to Be a Good Teenage Daughter?

Being a teenage daughter is not easy and overcoming the challenges without it leaving a dent is a victory.

How to Understand Your Teenage Daughter?

It isn't the teen's fault that she is acting this way. It's all a part of growing up. This article poses the steps you'll need, to help her do so.