How to Help a Child With Disabilities Learn to Read?

Answer For children with disabilities, helping them to learn to read is an endeavor in creativity. New readers are confronted with a set of abstract symbols that correspond to oral language. In English, t... Read More »

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How to Help Your ADHD Child Learn to Read?

Children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder may find it difficult to sit still long enough to learn to read. These children, commonly aged 5 through 7, may feel like reading is an imposs... Read More »

What are some games children with disabilities can play to help them learn?

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How to Help Students Learn to Read With Technology?

Reading is fun when children use technology to help them learn how to read. Technology advances have facilitated reading for students through online interactive games and resources, print-out activ... Read More »

Learning to Read for Children With Disabilities?

For many young children, the process of learning to read is intuitive and with guidance, it occurs seamlessly. However, for children with disabilities, the process can be tough. But don't be discou... Read More »