How to Help a Child Learn Easier?

Answer Do you ever wish you could make learning easier for your child? Spending hours on homework, or struggling just to get passing grades, can be so frustrating for them. But there are ways to make lear... Read More »

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Is the Russian language easier to learn than Chinese?

On One Hand: Russian Words and Letters May Seem FamiliarWhile the Cyrillic characters of the Russian alphabet may seem daunting for speakers of English and Western European languages to learn, Russ... Read More »

Does having perfect and/or relative pitch make it easier to learn instruments?

yes it can, especially for instruments such as violin or trombone were it is possible to play out of tune, not the piano as you cant play out of tune for it. it would help your tuning, since you ca... Read More »

If you have big hips is child birth easier?

My sister is 5'3, 115 lbs and when she gave birth to all three of my nieces and nephews she did just fine. It is def. the workings of your inner body and not outer. She doesn't appear wide, howev... Read More »

Is it easier to adopt a child from china or the US?