How to Help With Second Grade Spelling Homework?

Answer Parents naturally want their children to develop effective spelling skills but are often stumped how to provide the right kind of assistance at home. "Drill and kill" methods are outdated and tedio... Read More »

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How to Create a Second Grade Spelling List?

Proper spelling and understanding the meaning of words are essential for effective communication. When creating a spelling list for second grade students, choose words that hold meaning for them an... Read More »

How to Help a Second Grader Study for a Spelling Bee?

Participation in spelling bees---where children compete by spelling words verbally---helps youngsters increase their vocabularies. Yet spelling bees do more than teach children how to spell words. ... Read More »

How to Help My Second Grader Learn Her Spelling Words?

Learning to spell requires knowledge of sound-letter correspondence, as well as a basic understanding of the English language. Because the ability to spell relies heavily on the ability to read and... Read More »

First Grade Spelling Help?

First-graders are beginning spellers. Their struggle to master basic spelling patterns is based heavily on their understanding of letter sounds (phonics). The goal of spelling at age 6 or 7 is to c... Read More »