How to Help With Second Grade Spelling Homework?

Answer Parents naturally want their children to develop effective spelling skills but are often stumped how to provide the right kind of assistance at home. "Drill and kill" methods are outdated and tedio... Read More »

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How to Make Spelling Homework Fun?

Really Bad at spelling? Hate it? Here is how to make it fun!

Weekly Spelling Homework Ideas?

Spelling homework is essential to your students' English lessons, because it teaches them how to become better readers and writers. Many educators assign weekly spelling homework so that students p... Read More »

Fun Homework Ideas for Spelling Words?

Getting children to do spelling homework can be a challenge, but there are ways to make it more fun while they learn the words. With your child, set aside a specific time each day to study spelling... Read More »

First Grade Spelling Help?

First-graders are beginning spellers. Their struggle to master basic spelling patterns is based heavily on their understanding of letter sounds (phonics). The goal of spelling at age 6 or 7 is to c... Read More »