How to Help Students With the ACT Test?

Answer The ACT, which stands for American College Testing, is a standardized, national college admission test taken by many high school students every year. Comprising of four multiple-choice tests, the A... Read More »

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Is it better to test older or younger students with a standardized test?

On One Hand: Testing Younger Students Gives More TimeAccording to Oregon English as a second language (ESL) teacher Beverlee Brick, the younger a student receives standardized testing, the sooner e... Read More »

Is There Financial Help for College Students to Help With Bills?

While many people dream of getting their college degree, the fact is that few can actually afford to pay their way through school. College may seem extremely expensive, but there are a lot of diffe... Read More »

How to Help Students With Autism?

Autism is a neurological disorder that predominately affects the way a person interacts with the world. Social understanding and interactions, receptive and expressive communication and the sensor... Read More »

How to Help Students With Reading Disabilities?

Several signs hint at a student's reading disabilities. The student may have trouble reading items in small print, columns or addresses. He may mix up similar numbers and letters and reverse their ... Read More »