How to Help Stop Thinning Hair?

Answer Thinning hair is an ailment that both men and women suffer from. Hair can thin for several reasons, including genes, stress and unfavorable environmental conditions. There are steps you can take to... Read More »

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Best Way to Stop Thinning Hair?

Thinning hair can be difficult to live with, especially when hair starts to thin suddenly or if hair falls out consistently. While there are many reasons and causes of hair thinning, including anxi... Read More »

How to Stop Hair Thinning in Women?

Hair thinning is a stressful occurrence that happens to many women as well as men. Among the many possible causes are stress, medications, poor diet, chemicals and wearing hairstyles that put exce... Read More »

How Do I Stop Hair Thinning in Males?

Most men will face hair loss at some point in their lives. The struggle is when hair thinning starts to occur at a young age. Without going to drastic measures like hair transplants, there are ways... Read More »

How to stop my dreads from thinning in random places?

Heat & chemicals are hair's worst enemies. If you've already got those on your hair, BEFORE the dreads, there's nothing else you can do. Chemicals & heat damaged started, which caused the hair to g... Read More »