How to Help Someone After Bypass Surgery?

Answer When a person is recovering from bypass surgery at home, they will need extra help during the first few weeks following their operation. Despite its popularity, bypass surgery is a serious operatio... Read More »

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Is there a surgery called 5th heart bypass surgery?

There is no surgery called a 5th bypass surgery. There are three main types of heart bypass surgery: minimally invasive, traditional and off-pump. In addition to the type, a bypass surgery is also ... Read More »

What to eat and what not to eat after Heart Bypass Surgery?

Stick to a healthy diet and make sure he has his blood sugar under control (which usually means no more than 90g of total sugar per day [less than 15g at one time]). It's hardly rocket science. The... Read More »

How to Prepare for Bypass Surgery?

Any type of surgery can be a frightening prospect, although heart surgery can seem particularly scary. Education and preparedness can help alleviate anxiety for you and your loved ones. This articl... Read More »

My Mom needs triple bypass surgery.?

dont worry, whenever a patient dies a panel looks over the case and judges what the surgeon did in surgery and if he were to found to have made any mistakes, he wouldnt have a license anymore. ther... Read More »