How to Help Someone After Bypass Surgery?

Answer When a person is recovering from bypass surgery at home, they will need extra help during the first few weeks following their operation. Despite its popularity, bypass surgery is a serious operatio... Read More »

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Are patients cold after bypass heart surgery?

Patients remain cold for a short period after heart bypass surgery as their body regains warmth from a medically-induced chilling. According to the Texas Heart Institute, this is due to "Body cooli... Read More »

Missing period after gastric bypass surgery?

I would not worry - you have been through surgery and weight lossdisruption to your cycle is not unexpected

How do they restart the heart after bypass surgery?

Drugs and defibrillation. Plus reducing body temperature right down during surgery and returning it to normal afterwards.

What do gastric bypass patients eat after surgery?

Gastric bypass surgery results in a reduced stomach size. Following surgery, patients are unable to eat a normal diet for some months, as they adjust to their altered stomachs and digestion. Their ... Read More »