How to Help Someone Addicted to Pornography?

Answer Pornography is wrong and addictive. If either you or a loved one has become addicted to pornography, there is help available. You DO NOT have to continue in slavery!

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How to Avoid Pornography?

The Internet is a wonderful place. But it holds many temptations for many people. Online pornography, for example, can become a time-consuming addiction for a lot of people. If it's becoming a prob... Read More »

How to Stop Looking at Pornography?

This article assumes two things. First, that the reader is somebody who looks at pornography. Second, and most importantly, the reader wants to stop looking at pornography. This sounds obvious, but... Read More »

Pornography advertisements?

Never click the un-subscribe button on any spam mail. All that does is confirm to the spammers that your e mail address is valid and active and then you get more spam.

How did pornography appear on my son's computer?