How to Help Save Seals?

Answer Everybody loves seals, but they are fast dying out due to habitat loss and seal hunting, which is still not banned in Canada and the UK. Extinction is final - will you help save the seals?

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How do I save a scanned document to send by email. do I save as a jpeg or a tiff. help?

Definetly save it as a jpeg. (depending on your software, you may also save the document as a word doc). However, there are still a lot of people who use wordstar, or some other word program that... Read More »

Where were the navy seals when they became navy SEALS?

Before, then U.S. Navy Seals, were who they are, they were classified UDT - or - Underwater Demolition Team. I don't know when they officially became Seals. JFK authorized the formation of the SEALS.

How to Help Save Whales?

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How to Help Save Cheetahs?

Help save endangered cheetahs by doing your bit.