How to Help Salesmen That Are Not Producing Sales?

Answer The current economic situation has put pressure on many businesses. Sales personnel are finding closing a deal much more difficult today than in the past. If sales figures appear to be falling, tak... Read More »

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Your son bought and gave you a plant that has a tag that says Zantedeschia aethiopica but the flowers it is producing are almost black should you just use it as a container plant?

grow games are a land where you click on the panels in the right order to win. for example the correct order for grow tower is... box with button. yellow pot thing. bricks. piece of land. brown flo... Read More »

Have you ever noticed humans are the only species that believes sex isn't the act of producing young?

bonobos, dolphins, lions, hyenas, and many other species beg to differ. humans are not by any means the only animal that has sex for pleasure. besides, when an animal is in heat, does it want babie... Read More »

My crepe myrtle tree has one limb that is not producing any leaves. what do i do no signs of sickness either?

is that limb dead? bend a small branch , if it snaps off, it's dead cut it back to the first living fork in the limb. cove cut with a little pruning paint.

Average Salaries of Salesmen?

Many salespeople work on commission, earning a percentage of each successful transaction. This system provides flexibility, control and performance incentives, but is not for the self-conscious. En... Read More »