How to Help People Newly Diagnosed With Fibromyalgia?

Answer Many individuals diagnosed with fibromyalgia have problems adapting to their limitations. I feel that one of the most important aspects of helping them deal with this condition is to really LISTEN ... Read More »

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My girlfriend was just diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, what can I do to help?

It's great that you wish to be supportive of your friend. Fibromyalgia is considered a widespread chronic pain condition that is classified under rheumatism. Like many diseases there is no blood te... Read More »

Can anyone with gestational diabetes please tell me what their daily diet is like Help newly diagnosed!?

Weight reduction with diet* Avoid single high concentrated meals.* Small frequent meals.* Food high in fibre content like vegetables, whole pulses, fruits, etc.Ideal combination of diabetic diet sh... Read More »

Newly diagnosed pre-diabetes. Need help in diet planning and lifestyle modified.?

You have been diagnosed with prediabetes/ borderline diabetes. You have to change your entire lifestyle and have to do diet planning . You have to reprogram yourself, by changing your old habits wi... Read More »

Newly diagnosed with Diabetes, any advice?

Could be worse, Cap---you could have found out too late to get effective treatment.My advice, take whatever meds you need to control your blood sugar, and maintain your system, regularly and on tim... Read More »