How to Help Pass the Time While You Wait for Your Anti Depressant to Kick In?

Answer Okay, so you've been diagnosed as depressed. You knew that, right? You've seen a physician, had a physical and some basic lab work (to make sure you aren't hypothyroid, anemic or have some other re... Read More »

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Is there a safe anti depressant or anti psychotic to use during pregnancy?

I guess the best way to cure it is to drink plenty of water... steaming will do too...

Do I need an anti depressant?

Dear Nicole,Your doctor's advice may not have been the best but her decision not to prescribe anti-depressants for you was a very good one. At your age anti-depressants can cause deeper depression ... Read More »

What's the best anti-depressant?

St. John's Wort works for me. They say it doesn't work with serious depression though. And in any case, you need to experiment a little to find out what works best for you -- there's no single 'b... Read More »

Can you take anti depressant will pregnant?

I posted this question and just wanted to explain my situation more. I only took klonapin as needed with me i would only take half of one if needed. A months supply lasts me for sometimes 3-4 month... Read More »