How to Help New Players on RuneScape?

Answer Are you a rich and high-levelled player on RuneScape? Do you want new and inexperienced players to follow in your footsteps? If so, read on.

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How to Rescue New Players in RuneScape?

When you were young, you also had trouble surviving attacks from black knights, muggers and jail guards. Now it is time to make other player's life easier!

How to Clone RuneScape Players With Only One Computer?

Remember, you have to have Java. Keep your mouth shut to the MODS and this should work.

How to Challenge Players in the RuneScape Duel Arena?

Is PKing in the Wilderness getting boring? Do you want more of a fair fight...or an unfair fight? If so, this guide can help you to become awesome when starting a match.

How to Use Your High Runescape Combat Level to Help New Players?

Do you have a really high combat level, but make people run for cover when you are around in RuneScape? Make that reputation of yours a good one, with a little help from that high combat level you ... Read More »